Your Own School!!!

Brandon Creighton
Brandon Creighton .. Dan Patrick’s “bitch” put in charge of pushing SB 8.
Are you sick and tired of a dead end job, of struggling to make ends meet every week, of not being given a crack at a nice house and car?

Are you fed up with your kids being taught “wokeness” and “DEI”? Fed up with your kids in a school that has expelled Jesus. And are you convinced your kids will be trans?

Then it is your time to take action by starting your OWN SCHOOL!!!

SB 8, a bill being considered in the Texas senate and which has strong support from Governor Abbott and Lt Governor Abbott will guarantee an income of %8000 per year in your pocket. Creating such a school is a piece of cake. And Own Your Absurdity can help. We can help:

Donna Campbell
Donna Campbell .. In 2015 she thought that the UN designation of the San Antonio missions as a “World Heritage site” was a UN attempt to take over Texas. Yay for idiots.
  • Find a “school”;
  • Find teaching material guaranteed not to include “wokeness” or “DEI”;
  • Ensure images of Jesus on every classroom;
  • Administer corporal punishment for any kid who exhibits gay or trans behavior
  • Ensure parents are fully engaged and compensated with kick backs and other financial incentive;
  • Ensure parental rights are not “infringed”.
  • Ensure your library has no “banned” books by not putting any books on the shelves. All your kids will find are old issues of “Highlights” and “Lighthouse”.

SB 8 has support from your favorite GOP Texas senators: Charles Creighton, Paul Bettencourt, Donna Campbell, Phil King, Mayes Middleton, Tan Parker, Angela Paxton, Charles Schwertner, and Drew Springer.

Abandoned buildings.
So many “structures” available to become your school.
You will be so proud of your children’s growth and development in YOUR school. Each day will start out with the pledge of allegiance, followed by a morning prayer, followed by 6 glorious hours on “character development” .. through cleaning houses, mowing lawns, and working in sweat shops. What better way to instill in kids the character that will make them great adults.

So don’t wait. Your path to easy money awaits.