Get To Know Trump

Accepting Trump
Do you really “know” him?
Are you sick and tired of the media simply reporting what Trump says? Just because he sounds like a misogynist doesn’t mean he hates women. Just because he degrades poor people doesn’t mean he degrades poor people. Just because he wants to build a wall doesn’t mean he wants to build a wall.

Trump supporter
May sell her house to meet Trump.
As Mike Pence reassured the Republican leadership, “Mr. Trump behaved differently in private, and even had a spiritual side”. The more people get to know Trump, the more they like him.

And what is the best way to get to know Trump? Have a personal meeting with him.

Who knows what your house might be worth??
For only $100,000 you can be scheduled for a 5 minute one on one session with Trump*. After you meet him, you’ll definitely vote for him.

But how do you come up with $100,000? This is where Trump’s personal wealth comes in very handy. Trump will buy your assets for 75 cents on the dollar. Is your house worth $135,000? Trump will buy it from you for $101,250 . That leaves $1,250 in your pocket plus a visit with Trump.

And where do you go after you meet with Trump? Check out the line of shopping carts to store your worldly possessions as you join the ranks of the Trump homeless.

Be a real American and make the effort to meet Trump in person. You will never regret it.

* Time and place determined by Trump and the MAGA organization. You will be given a minimum of a 2 hour notice of meeting location and exact time. No refunds if you miss your meeting.