Shopping Carts

The proposed tax cuts under discussion between the White House and Congress, if passed, will absolutely transform our economy. They are based on supply side (aka “trickle down”) economic theory: cutting taxes puts more money in the hands of corporations and wealthy individuals, which stimulates investment and growth. The fact that this theory has never proven itself to be true is no reason to not try again. The more likely result will that the money the cuts puts in the hands of corporations and wealthy individuals will just be used to enrich them even more, and will not be used to create jobs or increase wealth for everyone else. Meanwhile, wealth will be drained away from everyone else through lowered investments in infrastructure and the safety net, increased limits on borrowing due to rising interest rates, and higher property and state taxes as states struggle to offset the loss in federal dollars, and increased medical from Trump’s “fixes” to Obamacare. In short, everyone else who should be benefiting from the tax cuts to the rich will instead be paying for them.

But don’t let this be a reason to not show your support for Trump and the GOP plan. Be the first one on your block to own a Trump Cart!!! That’s right .. as prices rise faster than your paycheck, you will soon fall behind on house payments and taxes, eventually resulting in you losing your house.

Trump cart.
You too can be homeless in style. Note the proper placement of the American flag!!!

Don’t worry about the house – it will be find – there will be plenty of wealth around to buy it from your for a song.

But what about you when you are forced onto the street? With one of these fine carts you can store your worldly possessions in style. Don’t just be homeless. Be proud to be homeless by showing that you support the consequences of Trump’s policies as proudly as you support the policies themselves.

Do you have a family to consider? Then check out a complete line of carts for all family sizes.

So order your shopping cart now and have it packed and ready. You can keep proudly in your garage, or even display it prominently on your front porch, so all your friends will know that you will proudly become part of the Trump homeless.