Summer Camp!!!

The “liberals” and “fake news media” have the Trump administration all wrong. While they are fabricating stories about “traumatic separation of kids from their mothers” at the border, the Trump administration is providing what these kids and mothers always wanted: a FREE SUMMER CAMP!!!

Stephen Miller
The caring Stephen Miller, summer camp mastermind.
That’s right … these families are exhausted from long journeys after fleeing horrific situations. What they really want is what the Trump administration is providing: For parents – a break from their kids. What the kids get – a fun time with other kids in a safe environment where they get fed, clothed, housed, and given plenty of things to do.

And expect to see plenty of services and activities organized by Trump’s own team. A couple of great examples:

Scott Pruitt
How to thrive with Emphysema. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt will teach the kiddos a valuable class about the environment. These kids will learn that, while pollution may cost lives, evil environmental restrictions can cost jobs, and losing jobs if far worse than losing lives. So Scott will introduce a variety of products to help kids learn how to survive, and even thrive with breathing diseases related to air pollution.

KellyAnne will teach a class in philosophy.
And we guarantee that your kids will not be bored. We fully expect White House counsel Kellyanne Conway to teach a course in “philosophy for children”. She will introduce your kids into a variety of concepts overlooked by liberals and the liberal press, such as “let alternate facts work for you”.

So let’s get on the bandwagon and support Trump as he makes the desperate effort to find asylum a fun and rewarding time for all the families arriving at our border!!!