Be A Free Range Patriot!!!

Only radical, lazy leftists are “homeless”.
REMEMBER: No one responded better or faster to the spread of the Coronoavirus than President Trump.

Don’t buy the hype about some stupid plan prepared by the failed Obama administration warning of the potential about a virus and how to contain it. That was just a fake .. designed to distract Trump and undermine MAGA.

Check out a line of MAGA carts!!
And don’t believe the crap about Trump firing people in “key” positions to a respond to a virus. These people were just leftist socialist who only wanted to make Trump look bad!!!

So if COVID-19 has left you without a job, without savings, and without a home, you can be rest assured that things would be much, much worse if Trump was not president. And, as a proud Trump supporter, you deserve to to be seen not as “homeless”, but as a “free range patriot!!!”.