Ken Paxton – Master of Hate

The Art Of Hate (Main. Previous: Kneel To The alt-Christ.)

A close cousin of The Art Of The Lie is The Art Of Hate.

Hate is an addiction. And like any good addiction, addicts can never get enough. Good addicts find ways to stay addicted. Good heroine users find designer heroine. Good alcoholics become functioning alcoholics. And good haters become politicians.

Dan Patrick instructor
TX Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is fully addicted to hate.
Some of the best haters in politics are in Texas. And one of the best of the best is Lt Governor Dan Patrick. Dan Patrick has thoroughly integrated hating and lying into Texas politics. His skills are enviable, and anyone who is interested in acquiring hating (and lying) skills should model themselves after him.

Take for example his support of the Pre Born Protection and Dignity Act. The purpose of the act is best illustrated with this line:

“In the wake of discovering the notorious Planned Parenthood videos last year, in which employees were caught callously discussing the procurement of aborted baby body parts, the Texas Senate is taking aggressive steps to criminalize these despicable acts”

The purpose of the act is not to protect life, but to nurture the hate of his supporters against, well, it kind of doesn’t matter against what. “Planned Parenthood” and “procurement of aborted baby body parts” are auditory gold for hate addicts just as “brown sugar” is the good stuff for heroine addicts.

Patrick’s ability to promote hate is exceptional unto itself. His ability to do this under the guise of an official with the State of Texas is enviable. He is an excellent role model for all of those addicted to hate and who love the art of lying.