Fight For Trump!!!

Best SOTU speech EVER!!! And this is Pelosi’s response. Disgusting.
On Feb 4, 2020, President Donald Trump gave the best State Of The Union Speech EVER!!!

Let’s face it, under Trump:
America’s economy has never been better!!!
America has never been safer!!!
America has never been more “Pro Life”!!!
One of American’s BEST received the Medal Of Freedom!!!
America’s education system has never been better!!!
…and so, so much more!!!

She doesn’t even show up!!!
And how does the radical left and its allies in the media react?

– Nancy Pelosi tears up the speech.

– The radical socialist AOC doesn’t even show up!!!

– And WORST OF ALL, The radical left media has the gall to FACT CHECK Trump’s speech!!!

WHAT!!?? No one, especially the “liberal media”, has any business fact checking Trump!!

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